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St John’s Community Care provides a wide range of services catering for children through to seniors. Our goal is to assist people of all abilities and cultures to lead fulfilling lives, whilst also promoting health, wellbeing and reablement.

Our organisation nurtures a positive and inclusive environment and operates within diverse communities to deliver a comprehensive range of specialised services.

St John's Community Care Queensland

Aged Care

As Queensland experiences an ageing population and higher life expectancies, it is more important than ever for our sector to establish strong and suitable aged care systems. As the elderly population evolves, the demand for in home-based care is beginning to increase, while traditional informal care provided by family decreases. St John’s Community Care is meeting the needs of our new ageing community, providing quality care in a range of progressive ways.


Disability Care

As a provider for both the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and other disability services, St John’s Disability Care is committed to delivering outstanding care to those requiring support in our community. Our organisation is dedicated to a mantra of staying connected with customers and ensuring they are able to access greater choice, control and freedom in their lives.

Queensland St John's Community Care

In Home Support

St John’s Community Care is proud to deliver advanced in home support services, assisting clients who require domestic assistance, one-to-one social support, home and garden maintenance, personal care, transport, respite and more. On average, our Client Service Planners conduct more than 3,000 in-home visits per year.

St John's Community Care Redlynch

Health Wellness & Social

Our team of qualified carers recognises that a holistic approach is needed to ensure good quality of life. St John’s Community Care aims to enrich lives through arts therapy, access to allied health services, social activities, multicultural friendship groups, and a woodwork shed.


Child Care

Our well-respected childcare services go above and beyond the basic caring for a child. St John’s Community Care focuses on building relationships of trust with families, offering consistent and skilled educators, and providing children a warm, safe and engaging environment at our range of world-class childcare centres.



St John’s Community Care respects and honours the choice of clients who wish to remain in their homes as they age. We are growing our home maintenance and transport services to meet the increasing number of people requesting assistance in their own home.

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Our commitment to holistic, thoughtful, and empathetic care services is unparalleled by any other organisation in Queensland.
Our aim is to continue to foster an educated, energetic, flexible workforce to provide quality services engaged in passion for what we do.


Client Orientated

We provide high quality, individualised services that are tailored to each individual client and focused wholeheartedly on their wellbeing.

Diversity of Services

Our clients span across multiple generations, cultures, and uniquities – including the elderly, youths, people with disabilities, and people with intellectual and psychiatric disabilities.

Community Values

We’re motivated by a desire to enrich and enhance the lives of people in our community. Compassion and consideration are the heart of what we do.

Culturally Diverse

Not only do we have a culturally diverse client base, but our team is comprised of a wide range of skilled leaders with varying backgrounds and history.

Speaking Your Language

Transitioning or acquiring care services can be a challenging experience for some clients, but our team is ready to guide you through the process and help you feel comfortable.

We listen

St John’s Community Care provides high quality, client orientated Aged Care and Disability Support services with the goal of achieving the best possible outcomes for the community as a whole


Message from  His Eminence Archbishop Makarios Primate Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Australia.

“It is with pain that we have been watching the evolution of the devastating fires that have been brutally gripping the body of our  homeland in recent days.

Our heart is crushed for every brother and sister we see suffering, for every house and property delivered to flames, for every inch of forest that turns into ashes.

At these critical times we intensify our prayers and plead with the Almighty God to protect and empower the thousands of firefighters and volunteers who fight a multi-day and adverse struggle, with admirable courage and self-denial, to prevent the continuation of the fiery whirlwind.

We also pray for the rest of the soul of Attica volunteer firefighter who gave his life to this fight, and we pray for his relatives who are in mourning.

At the same time, reflecting on the horrific extent of the devastation left behind by the flames, we feel the need to  mobilize for the practical support of our brothers who have lost their properties.

The coming days will be extremely difficult for thousands of our compatriots. But the Hellenism of Australia, with unity , can offer precious breath of relief, once again by actions and Christian teaching.

I am fully aware that the people of our Homeland, like almost all Australian society, at this time endure another difficult test, that of the pandemic and the adverse economic impacts caused by restrictions.

However, inspired by the example of our ancestors, who always offered our in-person a seat at their table, and when they were rich in goods and when they were poor, I am convinced that we will manage to respond to this sacred purpose of relief for our brothers , contributing according to our means.

I have contacted the Metropolitan brothers whose provinces are affected at this time and I have conveyed the support of the God-kissed Bishops, the evangelical clergy and the hospitable people of Australia and  assured them that all of us are close to them.

Please all our expats, clerics and flock, Organizations of our Holy Archdiocese, as well as all Organizations, Associations, Businesses, Media and Greek Communities across Australia, embrace with warmth and compassion this initiative and prove to our compatriots that we are by their side, no matter how many thousand kilometres separate us “.

Community and Events

What our clients have to say

The support I have received from St John’s Community Care since 1997 to help me keep my husband Bruno home has been absolutely wonderful! We were able to remain independent and remain in our own home which is what we wanted. We would never have been able to achieve this without St John’s support.
– Gina K.
My care staff make me coffee, push me to the shops and my service planner Keegan calls me to make sure that I’m OK which makes me feel very good. I’m happy because they make me feel like I’m at home and comfortable. The carers & Keegan always help me. I’m happy with the whole place!
– James Dow
Living at YLV has made me so much happier. I’ve found joy in life again, and I can really thank St John’s for that. I get involved in cooking, cleaning, tidying up after meals, and more importantly, they’re helping me to look after myself so I can gain my independence back. It’s really like family here. The residents and carers become your family – we have strong connections, and lovely friendships. It’s beautiful.
– Shaun Gulliver
The best thing is how lovely everyone has been and how helpful they all are. St. John’s has helped a lot with myself and also my husband.

Our Team

We are community helping community. Together, we make it possible to change lives.

Be a part of the passion by joining the journey as St John’s Community Care progresses its vision for the next decade of quality, customised care for all who need it.

st johns team


St John's Community Care's dedicated employees have many decades of combined experience between them. They come from diverse backgrounds and work in a range of fields but have a common passion to serve the people in their communities.

CEO Message

With change comes opportunity and I am pleased to say that as an organisation we successfully responded and gained valuable experience from the changes and opportunities that arose over the past year.

In Home Support

Board of Directors


Theo Bacalakis

Chairperson, Since 1997

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Charles Gianarakis

Deputy Chairperson Since 1997

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Les Lazuras

Company Secretary Since 2005

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Garry - St John's

Gerry Vallianos

Director Since 2020

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Director Since 2006

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Thomas Triantafilou

Director Since 2005

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Fr Mene Hatzoglou

Director Since 2013

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