5 Factors that Make for a Quality Aged Care Service


Freedom to choose and commitment to consumer dignity

Here at St Johns Community Care, we understand how important it is to maintain independence within one’s capabilities. It’s vital that the level of support you receive matches your needs and doesn’t exceed your needs in a way that becomes overbearing or takes away your control over how you live your life. We offer in-home care, respite care, and supported accommodation so that there will be a service that is matched to your needs. For every service provided, we place dignity at the forefront. This includes respect for your humanity and individuality. Quality carers will feel your feelings with you.

A commitment to lifestyle and health

The best aged care services will ensure that they prioritise health, wellness and social. Here at St Johns Community Care, we have many social events, community events, games, activities, and facilities (such as gardens) to support engagement in activities that support your physical and emotional health. A quality aged care service in Far North Queensland towns such as Gordonvale, Innisfail and Mareeba will allow you to maintain social contact, physical activity, and mental stimulation. This commitment to health also includes the food that is served as part of any community care services involving food.

Ongoing assessment and planning

A quality aged care service will appreciate and understand that your needs aren’t static but are continuously evolving. Services are a two way street and quality community care services will be receptive to your needs. It is essential that proper planning is undertaken, and that the community care service organisation commits resources to this initial planning. Here at St Johns Community Care, we love to have a sit-down discussion of your needs, so we can recommend the services that suit you best.

Daily living support

If proper support is provided to older Australians who are in need, then they can continue to thrive in their day to day life, and carry out their own shopping, banking, medical visits, and other activities. How this support looks will depend on your particular needs, but you may wish to consider a service that offers services such as a handyman service, a transport service, a home-based care service, and a domestic assistance service. This support must be founded on clear communication and strong collaboration between carers, family, and those who need care.

A well-run organisation

When considering an aged care service, consider the organisation, their reputation and their values. Consider why they are providing care and whether they are a private business or a not-for-profit organisation that may be recognised with government funding. Investigate whether they are open to feedback, their commitment to training and preparation of staff, whether they have passionate volunteers working for them, and whether they follow a clinical and corporate governance structure that is committed to quality and continuous improvement.

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