5 Ways to Stay Healthy as You Age

  1. Keep on moving. Continuing to engage in gentle exercise helps to maintain and improve strength and flexibility and can contribute to your balance as you age. Here at St John’s Community Care, we facilitate access to allied health services such as podiatry and physiotherapy. Our music, dancing and singing therapy program can also be very helpful to gain flexibility and strength in a fun, easy-going environment. Similarly, our in-home support service can help you to continue to carry out your favourite activities at home, such as gardening.
  1. Make sure your home is designed to meet your needs. As we age, our needs change, so our homes need to change too. A home that is not suitably equipped can place you at risk, but if it is properly designed it can support you properly and help you to maintain hygiene and safety. Our handyman service can help with the installation of helpful home features such as ramps and handrails. Our in-home support service can provide support with bathing and showering, dressing and grooming, housework and laundry – which are all important when it comes to maintaining hygiene and safety.
  1. Stay engaged with health professionals. Some people may be inclined to think of a trip to the doctor and other health professionals as a sign of ageing. But the truth is, staying engaged with your doctor or health services can ensure you are doing what you can at home to stay healthy and well, and receiving any necessary treatment. St John’s Community Care can help by providing transport and other services.
  1. Stay social. As we retire, we may lose contact with old work associates or friends. Plus, it can be harder to get out and about, making it more challenging to stay socially connected. However, maintaining your social connections can be highly important for your health and wellbeing. St John’s Community Care offers a social support group that incorporates social activities, stimulating games, guest speakers and more. Our multicultural group allows seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to meet and connect.
  1. Maintain a healthy diet. Here at St John’s Community Care, we appreciate the importance of eating well, and consuming a diet with nutrients such as calcium for bone strength. Our organisation provides senior group sessions with nutritional advice. Our in-home support or transport services can help you to continue doing your own shopping at the supermarket and can include support with meal preparation. At our supported accommodation facilities, including housing and respite care, we have a focus on high-quality, nutritious food.

There are many other ways in which to stay healthy and well as you age. We encourage you to continue your investigations, and to seek support from community care services that can make the task of staying healthy and well easier for you. If you live in North Queensland and want more information on how St John’s Community Care can help, browse our website or head to our contact us page to get in touch with our team.

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