8 Reasons Why In-Home Care May Be Suited To Your Parents


If you are investigating support and care options for your elderly parents or loved ones, you may have come across in-home care as a possibility. In-home care gives ageing individuals optimal flexibility and choice as they become older. At St John’s Community Care, our in-home support services assist people with all abilities to remain living in their own homes by enhancing their independence, quality of life and wellbeing.

Our organisation is currently assisting more than 2,500 people with care services in their own home and we have noticed the services becoming increasingly popular throughout the community. There are a number of reasons why in-home care might be best suited to your elderly parents, and several of these reasons are listed below:

  1. In-home care means your parents can be as comfortable as possible.

Your parents’ home is the place they feel most relaxed and comfortable, so giving them the option to remain in their residence will ensure they can be comfortable and happy.

  1. In-home care puts your parents in control of their lives.

By remaining in their own home, your parents will be able to achieve independence while still getting the support they need to remain safe and healthy.

  1. In-home care means your parents will not need to move home.

Moving into an aged care facility can be a daunting prospect for many ageing individuals. The change in scenery can be upsetting and challenging to comprehend. In-home support allows them to remain in their home of choice and avoid any upheaval.

  1. In-home care will help your parents get the one-on-one support they need.

When our trained volunteers and carers visit your parents’ home, your parents will receive personalised care that meets their needs and helps them to live a fulfilling life.

  1. There are a wide range of services available in-home.

Remaining in their own home doesn’t mean they will be at a disadvantage for support and care. At St John’s, we offer domestic assistance, one-to-one social support, home and garden maintenance, personal care, transport and respite.

  1. In-home care will introduce your parents to the concept of aged care slowly.

Having a carer visit your parents’ home is a great way to slowly introduce them to the idea of getting support without overwhelming them.

  1. In-home care ensures your parents can keep their pets and belongings.

By remaining in their home, your parents will still have access to their beloved belongings and any assets they have worked hard to obtain.

  1. In-home care may be respecting your parents wishes.

For many ageing individuals, it can be challenging to lose their freedom and ability to make decisions for themselves. If your parents would prefer in-home care, and their medical professionals approve of the choice, arranging in-home support for them will demonstrate that you respect their decision.

For more information about St John’s Community Care in-home support and aged care services, browse our website or contact our team online today.

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