St John’s Community Care is a not-for-profit charity which identifies the unmet health, wellbeing and reablement needs of communities and addresses gaps in services. As well as providing assistance to children, seniors and people with disabilities across Queensland, we are a major employer and economic contributor to the communities we’re involved in.

St John’s Community Care is committed to innovative programs and services that deliver choice and flexibility for our clients, improving the lives of Queenslanders on a daily basis. Our success can be accredited to a combination of unique capabilities, knowledge, skills, professional qualifications and fresh perspectives. Ultimately, when we put the client at the centre of our focus, we are able to gain clarity about the best way forward.

As an organisation, we understand that continuous improvement is essential for St John’s to continue providing services and supports that are primarily about “Empowering People and Enriching Lives”. Our attention is on improving the client’s experience by delivering high-quality services – this is central to all we do at St John’s Community Care.

St John’s Community Care always has been, and always will be, committed to competitive and flexible services that are responsive to clients’ needs and preferences. Our core mission incorporates the following key focuses:

  • be an organisation where the client is at the centre of everything we do
  • be an environment where employees and volunteers are engaged and valued
  • offer choice, flexibility and competitive and transparent pricing
  • be a best-in-class, not-for-profit organisation in the community care sector


Redlynch in home support

Our organisation provides support and services to over 5500 people of 35 different nationalities in seven communities. However, our impact spans well beyond because we belong to those communities. Our facilities are staffed by local people who spend both St John’s dollars and their own dollars locally, so we are important regional economic contributors. More importantly, we strengthen whole-of-community confidence that our friends, neighbours or family members will receive the highest standard of care should they need it.

St. John’s Community Care acknowledges the impact and responsibility we have to so many people. We are committed to and focused on enriching the lives of not only the people and families we support but also to serve the wider community.