Theo Bacalakis


Theo is the Chairperson, founding member of the board of St John’s and led the establishment of the organisation. Theo is dedicated and committed to caring for our community, people in need and ensuring they receive the best care.

Charles Gianarakis

Board Member

Charles joined the board in 1997 and is dedicated to providing services to support the aged and persons with a disability to ensure that they feel included, valued and safe. His commitment to raising awareness and support to help and strengthen the capacity of families to continue to provide in home care is underpinned by 33 years experience as managing director of his Engineering consultancy, fundraising activities and community relations.

Les Lazarus

Board Member

Les has been a director of a local steel fabrication business in Cairns for the past 26 years. Using this business knowledge and experience, he is committed to assisting St John’s Community Care to deliver premium services to the community.

Peter Mappas

Board Member

Peter has a long association supporting not for profit community organisations in North Queensland and is a strong advocate for community care that offer choice and opportunity.

Costa Stratikopoulos

Board Member

Costa is passionate about St John’s Community Care and works hard to support our dedicated staff in delivering the utmost care and assistance to the community members who need it most.

Thomas Triantafillou

Board Member

Thomas came from Greece, he has a long and hard working background in volunteering for the Parish and community in Queensland. Passionate and dedicated to helping the frail aged and young people with disabilities.

Father Menelaos

Parish Priest

Father Menelaos is the parish priest at St John’s and is committed to caring for the needs of our staff and clients. As the St John’s Chaplin Father provides support and counselling.