Talking about aged care

Talking About Aged Care

Aged care can be a challenging topic to talk about. No matter if you’re talking to an older person, an 
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Disability support services in Far North Queensland

Disability Support Services in Far North Queensland

In home lifestyle support Community care services may include in-home lifestyle support. Here at St John’s Community Care, we are 
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Queensland aged care services you may not know about

Queensland Aged Care Services You May Not Know About

In-home care and support As we age, we remain connected with our homes and the lives we have established in 
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5 Factors that Make for a Quality Aged Care Service

Freedom to choose and commitment to consumer dignity Here at St Johns Community Care, we understand how important it is 
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How to Overcome Compassion Fatigue

Carers are often labelled as the heroes of our society because of the meaningful work they do in looking after 
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Living Your Best Life with a Disability

1. Aim for acceptance. It can be challenging to accept that you are living with a disability. However, emotionally accepting 
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How to Support Your Ageing Parents

Throughout childhood and into young adulthood, parents play the role of looking after their children. However, as time passes and 
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Living by Your Values as a Carer

To live in accordance with your values as a carer, it’s firstly important to identify them. If we have a 
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Breaking Down Language Barriers

For many people, when they think about language barriers, they typically think about differences in spoken language based on cultural 
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Everyone Is Welcome: 5 Ways To Be More Inclusive

1. Listen more. Everyone has a story to tell – if we’re willing to listen. Every Australian has a unique 
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