Disability Support Services in Far North Queensland

Disability support services in Far North Queensland

In home lifestyle support

Community care services may include in-home lifestyle support. Here at St John’s Community Care, we are a NDIS host provider, which means that we can provide disability related support, household assistance, emotional support and more under the NDIS plan.

This will involve a carer supporting you to pursue a lifestyle of your choice at home. Our services can include support with cooking, cleaning, day to day tasks, shopping, attending appointments, washing, and bathing, and various other services designed to meet your needs.

Young lifestyle care facility/accommodation

Some disability support services and community care service providers, such as St John’s Community Care, will offer care facilities and accommodation for clients.

For example, our Gordonvale Young Lifestyle Village features numerous air-conditioned homes with ample space and privacy, as well as lifestyle features like a therapy pool and a barbecue area. It’s a great space to build friendships and develop life skills at your own pace, like cooking and cleaning.

The homes here feature modern conveniences and are serviced by trained and caring staff. They’re suitable for those who need a little support to live independently in the community, in a relaxed setting that embraces the tropical lifestyle.

Learning and life skills development

Throughout all of our community care services, we maintain a focus on empowering our clients and supporting them to develop life skills that can help them to achieve their personal goals and support their autonomy. This training can be delivered in group sessions or in a one on one, face to face setting. Whether it is communication skills, social skills, financial management, cooking or otherwise, the St John’s Community Care staff love supporting our clients living with disability to learn and develop new life skills.

Community access and events

Our community-minded organisation delivers a range of events to bring fulfilment, wellness, and entertainment into the lives of our clients. Our events are a fun way to become or to stay involved in our community. In the past, we’ve had events for Christmas Carols and Disability Action Week, and we always maintain an events calendar full of fun, interesting events. Just ask us – there’s bound to be something on that you’d love.

Social respite

Respite care refers to respite for a person’s usual carer or carers. Respite involves the carer getting a break to undertake other activities, such as attending the gym, going on a holiday, managing a large amount of chores, and attending appointments, just to provide a few examples. Respite may be funded under the NDIS depending on your circumstances.

However, respite care isn’t just about your carer; it’s also an opportunity to experience something new and meet new people. Here at disability services provider St John’s Community Care, we offer social respite in well-equipped facilities with plenty of opportunities for making new connections and developing social skills.

Engaging our disability support services

To find out more about our community care services or to discover how we can tailor a program to meet your needs, contact St John’s Community Care by heading to our contact us page.

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