How to Choose a Community Care Services Provider

How to choose a community care services provider

Do you require community care services, such as aged care or disability care?

In this article, St John’s Community Care will outline a number of questions to consider when choosing community care services for yourself or those in your care.

Do they offer a wide range of services?

When selecting a community care services provider in Far North Queensland, it makes sense to first consider the services that the provider offers. There are a range of different services available, and some providers may offer diverse services that are unfamiliar to you at the start.

It is also important to be ask further questions about services that are classified with a general term – like ‘aged care’. Aged care can mean residential aged care, in-home support, or a range of other services – so make sure to gain clarity on this from the provider.

Here at St John’s Community Care, our services include but are not limited to home care packages, domestic assistance, individual social support, community participation, allied health, meals, in home support, child care, housing, supported accommodation, transport, health, wellness and social, supportive independent living, centre based respite, home maintenance, and multicultural social support groups.

Do they tailor care packages to individuals?

Generalised care may not meet your needs. On the other hand, individualised care can help you to achieve your goals and to maintain your wellbeing.

A service provider with more services will typically be able to offer a more tailored care package, but the quality of care they provide will also depend on the flexibility of the services they do offer. Are you confident that your service provider will listen to your needs, and be able to make recommendations about a package that suits you?

For example, if you worked with St John’s Community Care, and your independence was important to you, you could utilise several of our services to achieve greater independence. This could include domestic assistance with shopping, cooking, and cleaning, that will help you live at home for longer.

If you are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, it may be beneficial to check with your service provider and the NDIS about which services can be funded, and whether these services are offered by the service provider or designed to meet NDIS funding requirements.

Are they a values-based, not-for-profit organisation?

It is nice to know that your service provider is providing care because of their values and that they are not motivated by profit. Many people who seek community care services make a decision about their service provider on the basis of their values.

Here at St John’s Community Care, we are a not-for-profit charity of the Holy Archdiocese of Australia. We are committed to caring for our community by enhancing the independence and quality of life of the frail, elderly and people with disability.

St John’s Community Care

For a values-based community care services provider in northern Queensland, that offers a wide range of services and can tailor care packages to your needs, contact St John’s Community Care. Head to our contact us page to find the details of your local office.

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