How To Choose The Best Care For Your Elderly Parents

care for elderly parents

Think about whether the aged care provider services your area.

If you plan on acquiring aged care support for your loved one, it’s important that the care provider is located in the area, or has the capacity to travel to your loved one’s home. This will enable you to remain in contact and reduce the stress that comes with change. The best way to find this out is by contacting your local aged care professionals and discussing their service areas.

Investigate the services offered by the aged care organisation.

All care providers are different, so you may want to investigate what specific services and activities are offered by your organisation of choice. It’s important that your loved one will get ample opportunity to join health, wellness and social programs, as this will help them have a rewarding experience as they age and lead a fulfilling life. We recommend talking to the aged care provider to fully understand what services and programs are available.

Enquire about price and affordability.

The cost of aged care will depend on the exact circumstances of your loved one and what support they require, plus whether you are seeking care from a not-for-profit organisation or private company. When you talk to the aged care provider, they should be able to help you understand what costs may be relevant to you.

Compare a selection of aged care providers.

Rather than opting for the first aged care organisation you see, you should look around and compare all options. Doing your research will help you feel more confident as you make a final decision. Use a checklist or comparison chart to compare price, location, services and overall impression.

Understand whether the staff are trained to work in special care services.

If your loved one has special or unique care needs, you should question whether the carers have the qualifications or experience to support your family member. For example, if your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, you will want the staff to be specifically trained in managing this condition.

Involve your loved one in the decision-making process.

If possible, you should involve your loved on in the decision-making process and incorporate their opinions and ideas into the final decision. It’s important that you allow your loved one to have control and express their thoughts over their life, so being open and transparent with them can sometimes help when trying to choose the best aged care option or home care packages.

Consider whether in-home care is the best option.

Many ageing individuals are now choosing to seek in home support, where experienced carers visit them in their own home to offer support and assistance throughout the day. In-home care can allow your loved one to maintain their independence and freedom while also receiving the important care they need to live a fulfilling life.

Here at aged care near me, we offer in-home care services that allow elderly clients in our care to experience out and about, home and garden maintenance, personal care, and domestic assistance within their established living space.

In-home aged care is an increasingly popular solution among those needing care and their families. St John’s, one of the best aged care in Queensland are proud to be leading the way in increasing wellbeing and independence among senior Australians by providing this holistic service.

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