How To Improve Social Involvement For An Elderly Person


As we have mentioned in a previous blog article, social events and social activities are important for the wellbeing of ageing individuals. Major benefits of social engagement for the elderly varies a lot. Retaining cognitive function, giving purpose to their day-to-day lives, improving physical are those. In addition to it, preventing the onset of dementia, reducing the loneliness, and enhancing self-esteem.

Once you understand and appreciate the value of social involvement in an ageing individual’s life, you might then be wondering how you can expand and increase socialising and social activities for a loved one. We are committed to enriching the lives of the community, and we support hundreds of elderly individuals by inspiring their social lives by giving in home support. Below are just a few tips from our team on how to improve social involvement for an elderly person.

1. Increase the amount of time you spend with them.

The easiest way to address the social needs of an older adult you know is by increasing how frequently you visit them. In addition to it, how much time you spend with them. As a family member, you can offer them a deep emotional connection that they may struggle to find in such intensity anywhere else. To motivate you to see your ageing relatives more often, you might like to set up a calendar schedule of visits.

2. Consider helping them find an animal companion.

If they are still in good health, your ageing person may be able to have an animal companion with them in their home. Pets can be a great support to an elderly person and a furry friend can keep them company throughout their later years. A pet may also help to give an elderly person purpose and reason to engage in physical activities. Cats are one of the most low-maintenance pets, and many cat breeds love to have a cuddle with their owners.

3. Enquire about social groups in your local area.

You might suggest to your loved one that they join a club or volunteer group. This will encourage the development of friendships and help them get social while also participating in an enjoyable activity. We have a range of health, wellness, home care packages and social groups that are appropriate for different age groups and people.

4. Organise in-home care.

At St John’s Community Care, we offer aged care near me and in-home care services that help elderly clients get home. Also do garden maintenance services, personal care support, and domestic assistance within their established living space.

In-home aged care is a popular solution and St John’s are honoured to provide some of the best aged care in Queensland services. We are proud to be leading the way in the industry.

5. Promote outdoor activities and ventures.

Getting outdoors is good for physical and mental wellbeing. If your elderly relative or friend requires assistance with transport, you can enquire with St John’s Community Care about our transport services. To find out more, head to our website today.

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