It’s On for Young & Old! Seniors Week 15th-23rd August 2015

St John’s Community Care has provided services to the ageing community since 1997. The services are tailored to provide seniors with an individualised service to suit their needs whilst maintaining their independence as much as possible. By embracing change with the aged care reforms, St John’s diverse programs provide a restorative health approach through services such as domestic assistance, flexible respite and social support, home maintenance as examples.

Senior’s week is an opportunity for community members from all walks of life to engage in acknowledging the valued contribution of older people. The ageing Australian contributes highly to society through active volunteerism, essential financial and emotional support to their extended networks and providing stable employment to employers well beyond the retirement age of 65.
Senior’s week is a great opportunity to forge relationships and promote societal attitudes from various negative perceptions to a generation who are embracing wellness and active function within their community.

St John’s Community Care is excited to host this year’s Seniors Week event on Wednesday 19th August 2015 with a talented spread of entertainers and multicultural performances on the day.

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