It’s Our 25th Anniversary!


The team at St John’s Community Care are extremely proud and excited to announce that 2022 marks our 25th anniversary. More than two decades ago (or a quarter of a century), St John’s Community Care was established and commenced providing high quality community care services to clients across Queensland.

Since our beginnings, we have successfully supported thousands of diverse clients and genuinely improved the quality of life for many.

St John’s Community Care would like to extend a warm thank you and much gratitude to our incredible staff, partners, clients, volunteers, and funding bodies who have been essential in supporting us to deliver high quality community care services. We simply couldn’t have achieved all we have without your ongoing support and expertise.

Who are we?

St John’s Community Care is a not-for-profit charity which addresses gaps in services and satisfies the unmet health, wellbeing and reablement needs of the community.

While the mission and goals that we started with some 25 years ago are the same as today, we have been able to implement a number of improvements over the years to ensure we are providing the most modern and beneficial services to our clients. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, and where we’ve come from, and we simply couldn’t have done it without our community’s help.

This is only the beginning for St John’s Community Care – we can’t wait to see what is accomplished over the next 25 years!

Our values statement

Our values outline what we want to achieve as an organisation, how we want to achieve it, and what outcomes we want to deliver for the community.


Our clients are at the heart of all we do. They’re our primary focus! We will always advocate, identify and meet the needs of our diverse clients, including those of differing cultural backgrounds, ages and abilities.


Every person should have equal respect. We strive to treat all people will dignity and continually demonstrate compassion. We are one organisation and one team, but if we place people at the forefront, we can achieve incredible feats.


While we strive for excellence in community care services, we also aim to be transparent, honest, and accountable with all that we do. We search for continuous improvements and share what we do, how we do it, and what we will change to improve.


When we work together, we are so much stronger! The St John’s Community Care team works with a great range of partners, including local individuals, families, and communities as well as Government and non-Government counterparts. Together, we can plan and design the best services to meet our clients needs.


Building strong relationships allows us to nurture strong communities. In addition to having strong relationships between our organisation and other organisations, we promote relationship building for our clients.


We’re not interested in hiding in the dark. By recognising the challenges of our field, recognising the incredible partners who support our work, and recognising how we can improve, we can always strive to be our best.

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