Kate Thomas’ Story

Katie was born in Greece and educated in Alexandria Egypt. She obtained her post-graduate degrees in the U.K. where she worked for some years. She has lived in Cairns since the mid-sixties working as an Ophthalmologist in private practice. When Katie retired, she dedicated all her spare time to her elderly mother who passed away in 2008.

Katie joined the Volunteer Staff at St John’s Community Care in 2009. She works 4-5 hours a week, mainly doing clerical work for Home Assist.

Katie enjoys her work a lot; everyone at the office is very pleasant and always helpful and obliging. She is content in the knowledge that she is able to contribute in a small way to help those in need.

St John’s Community Care is very grateful for the dedicated work of Katie and all of our volunteers.

Click to here read more about volunteering at St John’s Community Care.

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