Breaking Down Language Barriers

For many people, when they think about language barriers, they typically think about differences in spoken language based on cultural 
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February 2022 Newsletter

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Everyone Is Welcome: 5 Ways To Be More Inclusive

1. Listen more. Everyone has a story to tell – if we’re willing to listen. Every Australian has a unique 
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The Benefits Of Staying Mentally And Physically Active As We Age

Ageing individuals can face a number of challenges. Changes to their physical health as their body ages, vulnerability to social 
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How To Improve Your Support Network In 2022

Everyone can benefit from a strong and dependable support network. We need a good network around us to help us 
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social connections matter

Why Social Connections Matter For All Australians

All Australians can benefit from having strong social connections, yet certain Australians may be more vulnerable than others to losing 
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4 Ways To Establish Independence as a Young Adult With a Disability

The young adult years are a formative period. During this time when children living with a disability become young adults, 
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2021 Annual Report

  Download St John’s Community Care’s 2021 Annual Report
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Recognising The Signs Of Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can impact anyone – including some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Various studies from 
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