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St John’s Community Care
Much can be said about St John’s Community Care, with how they were established and expanded however St John’s goes way beyond just facts and figures. So much more can be said through the smiles seen from clients who are able to stay within their own home due to support of St John’s with their wide array of programs and services on offer.

St John’s Community Care truly is an organisation that has stemmed from the grass-roots that prides itself in helping as many possible within the community.

Our Staff and Volunteers are important!
The success story of St John’s Community Care is made up of not only committed staff however also the volunteers who form an integral link to the organisation.

Volunteer involvement around the Greek Festival is a prime example of annual community success that without this vital link the event itself would not be successful. The volunteers provide a huge amount of time and support in order to promote community events and provide quality outcomes to clients, not only to big events like the Greek Festival but also office, transport, and care support to those in need.

Young Lifestyle Care – Gordonvale:
Our young lifestyle care facility is a prime example of keeping young people with a disability out of the residential aged care system through a wellness and restorative approach in a dynamic supported home-like environment. It truly is a gift to witness these clients enjoy their own facilities, the glow in their face as they enjoy hydrotherapy in their pool, whilst watching clients meander through the beautiful sensory gardens and savour independence through modified facilities provided in their own homes. But it doesn’t end there! Community access is important to St John’s as we pride ourselves on getting clients to medical, social and cultural events in order to stay apart of the community.

Community Transport:
The St John’s community care transport system is also well known in the Cairns region, the happy and helpful drivers provide a professional reputable service where clients are greeted by name. The modest bus and car signage are well seen, not because of exorbitant marketing spent on advertising, but because of the long standing reputation of St John’s within the community. Clients who frequently use the St John’s Community Care transport system are greeted with friendly staff who are more than happy to help keep clients actively engage in the community.

Group get togethers:
St Johns Community care make a real difference to people’s lives through a wellness and reablement approach in all of its programs. Eligible clients can come along to one of the centres at Redlynch, Gordonvale, Mareeba or Innisfail and immediately feel welcome. Enjoy innovative activities for both young and old community members including a range of movement exercises, arts and craft, games, outdoor events including outings, theme days, gardening and leisure activities that suit specific individual and cultural needs. The St John’s activities strive to provide exciting activities that promote social interaction, a sense of self and belonging within a dynamic and empowering environment.

Hammertime is a project that helps people with disabilities get out of their day to day surrounding and get into a wood working type environment with others. With help and guidance these people make items such as a wooden stool or coffee table for example. There is no urgency in completing projects, just a focus on having fun, learning new skills and supporting each other while having a few laughs.

Once you see the progress of the people working on the projects, promoting confidence and happiness it is priceless at the very least.

After a half a day has elapsed it is time to go home and with big smiles comes “see you next week”. Our people come from all over Cairns and as far south from Innisfail.

Care for a spot of Retail Therapy?
Love shopping, but unable to load up with the shopping bags without that nasty back pain?
Clients at St John’s Community Care may love to shop and the happy and helpful St John’s staff are more than happy to assist with holding bags of groceries and helping you unload them at the other end.
Social isolation is also a big issue and may benefit from 1:1 support of St John’s staff who need that extra helping hand.

Frail aged and dementia specific services
St John’s Community Care understands that with the ever increasing ageing population comes increased ageing issues such as arthritis, dementia, mobility impairment and other ailments. More carers are taking on full time roles in order to keep the older person in their own home however with the current climate carer stress is ever increasing as well.

Listening is an asset that not many organisations can boast, however St John’s sees just how important it is to lend an ear to those in need. One particular client’s full time carer walked through the door at the Redlynch head office and was seen by qualified staff regarding much needed respite services. Without this support this family may not have been able to sustain full time care of their loved one. It is rewarding to see absolute relief on faces and the joy in being able to seek reassurance and care right when they needed it.

At St John’s they pride themselves on their overnight respite service. “Castlereagh” is set in a peaceful setting at Gordonvale with plenty of views of the commanding mountains and surrounding cane farms. The environment is ideal for older community members as they feel immediately at ease. The overnight respite program runs each week at a very low cost and is a great opportunity for full time carers to have a well-deserved break. This service is also available at our Innisfail respite centre.

The respite services extend to 1:1 respite in the home for those who need individual support as well.

St John’s Community Care have also successfully expanded beyond Cairns and have established much needed services in Brisbane and Townsville.

There are so many services on offer, but who can access them?
If you are under or over 65 and fit the eligibility criteria you are able to access a range of services through St Johns Community Care Ltd.

With all the changes with aged care reforms, community members must use the aged care website or call the 1800 200 422 number from July 1st 2015. St John’s is more than happy to help if you require additional support in accessing services through this new system.

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