Queensland Aged Care Services You May Not Know About

Queensland aged care services you may not know about

In-home care and support

As we age, we remain connected with our homes and the lives we have established in them. Many ageing Australians have a strong wish to maintain their independence and to continue living where they are comfortable and close to their hobbies.

Living at home can become more challenging as we age. However, with the correct types of support in the home, it is definitely possible to live at home for longer. We offer the St John’s Community Care in home support service to over 2500 people living at home.

It is a diverse service that may include domestic assistance, home and garden maintenance, and help with tasks around the home such as bathing and showering, dressing and grooming, preparation of meals, housework and laundry, shopping, nursing and allied health and other services.

Related to this service is our home maintenance service. Annually, we put in over 25,000 hours of home maintenance support, to help adapt your home environment to your needs, and make it easier to carry out your everyday tasks. This can include minor building repairs, minor appliance repairs, and structural modifications, or sourcing accredited contractors for more major works.

Overnight and short-term respite care

St John’s Community Care offers short-term and overnight respite care, in centres including those we have in Gordonvale, Innisfail and Mareeba. Our cottages are staffed with passionate care staff that will take care of you for the duration of your stay. It is simply a matter of arranging your stay, or having your regular carer do so, and it provides a great social and ‘holiday from home’ opportunity.

Respite care refers to a situation where your regular carer, such as a family member, gets a break from delivering care. For many carers who are invested in the health and wellbeing of those they care for, assurance that they are leaving those in their care (such as their parents) in good hands is a must. They may wish to consider a not-for-profit organisation, with religious values of charity and respect, such as St John’s Community Care, for such a service.

Community transport services in Queensland

Transport can be the key to maintaining an active and independent lifestyle.
With the right support, the elderly, younger people that are not able to access transport and are living with a disability can continue to pursue their goals.

St John’s Community Care offers a door to door transport service that is the ultimate in convenience for our clients. Through this service, we aspire to help elderly Australians and people living with disabilities to lead an independent, active and social lifestyle.

Through this commitment, we complete an average of over 55,000 trips annually, including trips to the shops, to pay bills or go to the bank, to attend a doctor’s appointment, to go to the library, or to attend a community event.

For more information on the services offered by St John’s Community Care in your area, head to our contact us page and review the services available in your area.

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