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Door-to-door transport is one of the primary services provided by St John’s Community Care, enabling seniors, people that are disadvantaged and people living with a disability to live independent, active and social lifestyles.

Every year, there are more than 55,000 trips provided to clients by our transport fleet. This includes transport for shopping, paying bills, banking, attend appointments, doctors, library, and community events.

What our clients have to say

St John’s staff are always approachable and the care staff are lovely, helpful and respectful.

Client Survey

Average overall client satisfaction:


Respecting dignity and privacy:


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Our Client Satisfaction Survey results demonstrated that clients continue to be incredibly happy with the services we provide.

The challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic during the past year has served to strengthen our resolve and commitment to the highest level of care, workforce excellence and organisational responsiveness.

We are proud to have continued to improve upon and meet our promise in providing a quality customer experience with 95% of our clients rating their care as positive and 94% responding that St John’s has enhanced their independence to help maintain a lifestyle of their choice.

The surveys are a vital feedback tool and are conducted up to twice yearly. They’re used by St John’s Community Care to review services, service delivery and staff performance.

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