Shaun Gulliver’s Story

Shaun is a valued St John’s client at Young Lifestyle Care Gordonvale shared accommodation.

Shaun’s environment encourages his independence, taking part in household chores and continues to work on developing his skills so one day he can live independently. He also attends ten pin bowling outings, social groups and is involved with a church group.

This year has seen Shaun’s goal of talking to students about his journey and the effects of alcohol and violence on the community has become a reality. Shaun is also a valued member of the St John’s Focus Group and YLC Friendship Garden Planning Committee.

Shaun is walking with an aid of a walker and is continuing to progress on his mobility and developing important living skills. He is working closely with a local gym in Cairns with his own Personal Trainer.

Shaun has such motivation and determination, he is a true inspiration to all of us here at ST John’s Community Care.

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