The Importance of Social Events and Activities for An Ageing Individual

Social events in aged care

Meaningful social relationships, social activities, and community events are essential for meeting the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of an elderly individual. Social events and activities can have a wide range of benefits to an elderly person:

  • Maintaining interpersonal relationships can help to retain cognitive function
  • Events and activities can give purpose to an older adult’s routine
  • Good physical and emotional health can be reflective of strong relationships and positive social interaction
  • Some research suggests that social activities prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Events are a chance to connect with peers and the community
  • Social life can reduce the likelihood of loneliness as elderly individuals experience change in their independence
  • Socialising can enhance self-esteem and support a positive attitude.


Where can you access social groups and activities for the elderly?

There a range of ways you can arrange for an elderly relative to join a social group or activity club. Depending on the unique interests and wellbeing of your relative, it may be as simple as visiting a local sporting club (such as a bowls club or walking group) and seeing if they can volunteer or participate in any upcoming events. It’s important that you converse with your elderly relative to involve them in the process and learn what clubs or groups they may be interested in joining.

For elderly persons who require care and support while they engage in activities, a corporation like St John’s Community Care can be the most comfortable and secure place for them to engage in social events. Our health, wellness and social groups can be separated into two primary types: Social Support Group and Multicultural Group.

We enrich lives through arts therapy, access to allied health services, social activities, multicultural friendship groups and a woodwork shed. Our music, dancing and singing therapy program is particularly popular for its health and social benefits. Our organisation also provides seniors group sessions with allied health professionals in the areas of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, social work and nutritional advice.


Who are St John’s Community Care?

Essentially, St John’s Community Care is a not-for-profit charity which provides assistance to children, seniors and people with disabilities across Queensland. We provide a wide range of services catering for children through to seniors. Our primary goal is to assist people of all abilities to lead fulfilling lives, while also promoting health, wellbeing and reablement. Our organisation nurtures a positive and inclusive environment and operates within diverse communities to deliver a holistic range of specialised care services.

To help you understand our corporation a little better, you can visit our website and learn more about our history and services.


What if an elderly person has no way to get from A to B?

Thankfully, there are transport services available that can assist people in attending local events and social groups. Door-to-door transport is one of the primary services provided by St John’s Community Care, enabling seniors to live independent, active and social lifestyles.

Every year, there are around 50,000 trips provided to clients by our transport fleet. For more information about our transport services, aged care support, or health, wellness and social activities, contact our team today via our website

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