Tips For Getting Out & About

disability care

As the carer of a family member living with disability, leaving the house can be a daunting prospect. There are many factors to be considered, and the idea of getting out and about may seem overwhelming at times.

Spending time in the outdoors, engaging in social interaction, and having the opportunity for a fulfilling life is important for everybody – including people who may have mental or physical disabilities.

  • Consider joining a community group or program

Community groups and programs for people living with disability are a great way to stay active and engaged with peers. Community groups are a safe space for people of all backgrounds to spend quality time with one another and engage in educational, physical, or social activity. If you don’t know where to start looking for a program suited to your needs, browse St John’s Community Care groups and events, or contact your local council to see if they have any programs currently running.

  • Accept that things may go wrong

Thing’s won’t always go to plan, but that’s okay. Over time, you’ll learn what does and doesn’t work for you and you’ll gradually gain more confidence when getting out and about. 

  • Have an open mind & listen

There are many great places for a day out, including the local zoo or your public library. However, you should have an open discussion to understand what places they may be interested in visiting. Incorporating them in the brainstorming will help them feel productive and ensure they ultimately have a good time.

  • Prepare a list of things to bring when heading out

If it’s your first time enjoying an activity in public, you may benefit from writing a list of all the things you need to bring for safety, comfort or emergencies. This list can then be reused every time you leave the house – saving time and ensuring you can maximize the length of your adventure.

  • Enjoy yourself!

If you remain positive and aim to enjoy yourself, it will make the entire experience more enjoyable for everyone participating. While you’re out and about, focus on expressing positive emotions and having fun.

  • Respite is available for carers and families

St John’s Community Care offers both short and medium term respite care for carers of people living with a disability. The respite allows carers to have time for themselves, while their family members attending the care centre can enjoy a range of activities and making new social connections.


For more information about our community services, community groups, aged care facility or facilities available to people living with disabilities, and families of the community, browse our website online today. You can also contact our crew by calling our head office or submitting an enquiry online.

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