Volunteers are a vital and valued part of St John’s Community Care team.

The success of the Volunteer program is largely dependent upon the quality and integrity of the volunteer’s contribution to the many vital services within St John’s Community Care Ltd.

We welcome caring community minded people to join us in our many programs and activities.

Specific tasks and roles will vary in response to individual client needs and volunteer preferences. Opportunities exist for volunteering across all programs and activities within St Johns Community Care.

St Johns Community Care requires volunteers to attain a First Aid Certificate, Blue Card with the Yellow Card exemption, Federal Police Clearance Certificate, General Drivers Authority License.  The organisation pays for the police screening and First Aid and Drivers Authority are reimbursed over time.

Volunteers can pick up an application pack which includes applications for all of these requirements and then attend an Induction day where Manual Handling and Medication Training are provided.

Volunteers are strongly encouraged to view themselves as part of a team and ensure that there is good communication with the Volunteers Team Leader and the Coordinator or Team Leader of the specific program in which they volunteer.