What Are Some of The Unique Services Offered by St John’s?


At St Johns Community Care, we are committed to providing comprehensive care solutions for the community. Our goal is to assist people of all abilities and cultures to lead fulfilling lives, whilst also promoting health, wellbeing and reablement. As well as nurturing a positive and inclusive environment, we are focused on offering the most innovative and modern care options.

Aged care and disability care has evolved in recent years, and there are now more options available for people who need support. We want our clients to feel independent, capable and well – so we offer a broad range of care options to suit everyone. In this article, we have summarised just a few of our primary community care services.

In-home support

Having to move home to receive care is a concept of the past. It’s our philosophy that all people should be able to access the care they need in the comfort of their own home. In-home support is a modern and innovative way to provide care to ageing individuals or individuals living with a disability. As times change, more people of all abilities are choosing to continue living in their own home and maintaining both their independence and quality of life. We currently have more than 2,500 clients who are receiving in-home care.

Some of the in-home tasks we can assist with include: bathing and showering, social support, dressing and grooming, housework and laundry, preparation of meals, nursing and allied health, and more. Our tailored approach ensures everybody gets the support they need.

Transport services

In addition to our in-home support care, we can offer transport services to individuals who can no longer transport themselves to a certain destination. This could include transport to a medical appointment, social event or activity, the bank, the shopping centre or elsewhere.

Housing support

As people’s mobility changes when they grow older, they may need assistance with certain tasks around the home. We can provide home and garden maintenance or domestic home repairs to help ageing individuals or individuals living with a disability. This can also include alterations to a home, such as ramps or rails, to help someone who has physical disabilities or limited mobility.

Health, wellness and social activities

Our goal is to apply a holistic approach to care services. It’s in our nature to go above and beyond standard practical care and also offer services that can improve our client’s wellness and overall happiness. We provide a range of wellness, health and social activities to enrich the lives of our clients. We coordinate arts therapy programs, allied health services, social groups, active programs and more. Each program and activity gives purpose and support to vulnerable individuals in our community.


Browse the St John’s Community Care website to learn more about our services and contact our team for further information. While you’re here, you can also read some of our other blog articles: 10 Tips For Finding The Best Childcare Centre & The Importance Of Social Events For An Ageing Individual.

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