Together, we can achieve anything.

The St John’s Community care team is wide-ranging and multi-faceted, made up of staff, volunteers and community groups as well as corporate, government and individual sponsors and donors. Every one of our team members represents the spirit of our organisation – they’re innovative, hard-working, compassionate, honest and non-judgemental.

Staff Testimonials

While working at St John’s Community Care, I’ve been able to utilize my Business Administration skills, connecting with clients and completing administrative duties. I’ve developed significantly while working at St John’s, valuing clients and working together as a team I’m happy to be a part of the St John’s team, as they value the principles of supporting and assisting client’s different needs with care
and respect. I especially value how St John’s continues to listen and improve from client feedback.
Together as client and staff, we learn and transform our ways, to create a promising future
A little over a year ago, my career spanning 7 years on the tools was drawing to a close as I was ending my days tired but feeling unfulfilled. I was searching for a change of scenery and had long yearned for the satisfaction of making a difference within the lives of aged and vulnerable members of the community. St John’s were kind enough to invest their trust and their time in me, giving me a start in a client centred role and supplying me with the resources I would need to succeed and grow both professionally and as an individual. During my time with the organisation, I have been blessed to have worked so closely with a marvellous team made up of diverse individuals who all play their part and leave a positive stamp on the lives of our clients and each other. Fast forward to now, and I’m arriving at work knowing the effort that I put in is going to make a difference in communities across the state and I am returning home full to the brim with the sense of fulfillment I had longed for in my previous line of work.
Looking ahead to the future, my goal is to assist my team of Client Service Planners to be the best version of themselves they can be; to help them support our care staff out in the field and to bolster our clients’ independence, enriching their lives along the way
I am a self-achiever. I aim for the best and aim to build myself and my career up. I have always wanted to make a difference by helping others, working for St John’s has given me this opportunity, both to our clients and to my fellow employees.
Since starting with SJCCL in November 2021, I have had the pleasure of working alongside an amazing team, who are motivated, organised and catered to the needs of each one of our clients, who not only build each other up, but also
congratulate each other on their accomplishments and successes. During my time, I have completed a Certificate III in Individual Support (thanks to SJCCL for allowing me to do so), I have become a Senior Planner assisting with both Townsville and Mareeba locations, and I have met some amazing clients,
who make every bit of my journey worth it. I appreciate all those who have worked with me to get where I am today, and I look forward to my future with St Johns Community Care, whatever it may entail. Thank you for the amazing opportunity.

David considers “making my clients happy and receiving their gratitude for my dedication and workmanship” as a successful day in his role at St John’s. As an employee with the organisation for more than a decade, David is proud of the work he does for clients, utilising his skills for a worthy cause. Describing his team as professional, cohesive and caring, David is committed to delivering a consistently high-quality service to every single client he’s done work for.

I have worked at St John’s for just over two years now. I have had the opportunity to develop strong knowledge and skills within the organisation during this time. I started as a Client Service Planner at the Redlynch Office, progressed to a Team Leader at YLV and since then had the opportunity to become a Community Services Facilitator. I am very lucky to be able to work with other facilitators, management and teams across all areas to achieve the best outcomes possible for our clients and staff on a daily basis. St John’s has helped me develop a wide range of skills revolving around Aged Care, Disability and all of the ins and outs of Behavioural participants. I have been very lucky that I have had many opportunities to grown within the organisation.

My confidence has blossomed within this time and will continue to do so with the ongoing support I receive. I love offering all staff support with training and enjoy learning new skills off them too. I am very blessed to have the luxury of working along side amazing people and teams to help assist a variety of participants across the region and I look forward to continuing this throughout my employment.

I have been with St. John’s for over 18months now and within the time I have been able to achieve goals I thought were just dreams. I have always had a passion for helping those who are aged and vulnerable. I have worked in the health industry for over 10 years; however St John’s have allowed me to channel this passion – To help those and their families who surround them. Currently I am a Community Services Facilitator who oversees the planning and quality of services within the Townsville and Cairns regions. Within the role I am able to mentor, coach, inspire and pass on my passion to my teams while ensuring that the level of care and needs of our clients and families who support them are met.

My goal is to continue to provide to the needs of our clients, to fill the gaps in community – to provide the “whole” solution. In saying that, My goal this year is to have our newly built CENTRE BASED RESPITE in Townsville running on a weekly basis. St. John’s can provide a career in which you can grow and reach what some deem impossible.