Together, we can achieve anything.

The St John’s Community care team is wide-ranging and multi-faceted, made up of staff, volunteers and community groups as well as corporate, government and individual sponsors and donors. Every one of our team members represents the spirit of our organisation – they’re innovative, hard-working, compassionate, honest and non-judgemental.


Ryan Jack Davies

IT Team Leader

With a view to taking his career to the next level, Ryan saw St John’s as the perfect environment for his professional growth. “After meeting with the CEO, I realised there were no boundaries as to what St John’s was able to provide for my career – the sky’s the limit,” Ryan says. He describes the IT team at St John’s as “diligent, assiduous and unified” and highlights the roll out of the organisation’s Tablet Fleet as a major accomplishment during his time at St John’s.


Kayla Bakss


Kayla has been a key member of the organisation’s finance team which she describes as “family”. Being able to meet key financial and operational needs by refining processes is a daily goal for Kayla, who is also focused on providing the most integral financial information to the CEO and board utilising these improved processes. Leading, coaching and mentoring a consistent finance and admin team through many organisational changes and processes during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a highlight of Kayla’s time with St John’s.


Joel Pearson

Client Service Planner

Joel was excited to join St John’s earlier this year because of the organisational’s meaningful work in the community which makes a difference in people’s lives. According to Joel, a successful day in his role is “being organised to tackle the day and definitely keeping a positive outlook, treating everyone with respect and remembering we are all human.” Joel considers the re-launch of the Friday Friendship Group as a high point of his time with St John’s.


Natasha Cooper

Client Residential Team Leader

Natasha recently achieved her one-year milestone with the organisation, and is passionate about her role and the team she works with. “My team are absolutely amazing – they are proactive, take initiative and have that overall caring nature,” Natasha says. During the past year, Natasha has completed additional training and qualifications and is very proud to have been made team leader at the organisation’s Young Lifestyle Village.


Rhiana Cairns

Community Services Facilitator

Rhiana is focused on assisting clients achieve their goals, no matter how big or small. Joining the organisation with a view to seizing opportunities for a rewarding and purposeful career, Rhiana loves working at a supportive organisation where continuous improvement and professional development is the norm. Leading the organisation in the delivery of hampers containing food and essential items to those most vulnerable in the community through the recent COVID-19 pandemic has been a career highlight for Rhiana.


Kelly Clune

Client Home Service Planner

Kelly was seeking a rewarding career that enabled her to make a difference in the lives of others when she joined St John’s nearly two years ago. Assisting clients with their home maintenance and transport services, Kelly is proud to work within a team she describes as “motivated, organised and always willing to help our clients”.


Sayhl Thompson

Finance & Administration Officer

Sayhl enjoys the variety of her role, combining goal-setting, team work and the opportunity to support and speak with St John’s clients. Joining the organisation just over a year ago, Sayhl lists the rewarding, engaging, and unified qualities of her team as defining factors in the enjoyment of her role. “I’ve been able to continually grow within the organisation and gain valuable experience to enhance my knowledge in Finance,” she says.


Isobelle Pratt

Client Service Planner Assistant

Pursuing a career in aged and disability care was central to Isobelle’s decision to work at St John’s. Since joining the organisation, Isobelle has enjoyed working in a cohesive team to achieve the organisation’s goals for the day. “Our goals as client service planners are to ensure we are providing our clients with quality care, having the support they require and doing everything possible to make our clients be able to live as independently as possible,” she says.


Elizabeth Groundwater

Client Service Planner

Elizabeth enjoys the opportunity to make a positive change in people’s lives – and to see that change occurring first-hand – in her role at St John’s. Being able to leave the office with a “smile on everyone’s faces” is a successful day at work for Elizabeth, who describes the team she works in as “bubbly, reliable, and encouraging”.


Libby Cook

Client Service Planner Administration

Having worked in the aged care industry for over a decade, Libby joined St John’s after hearing great feedback about the organisation in her previous roles. Libby wanted to broaden her horizons with St Johns and has been able to grow personally and professionally in her role with the organisation. Libby has achieved a Certificate 3 in Business during her time with St John’s and describes her team as hard-working, adaptable and supportive.


David Webster

Field Officer

David considers “making my clients happy and receiving their gratitude for my dedication and workmanship” as a successful day in his role at St John’s. As an employee with the organisation for more than a decade, David is proud of the work he does for clients, utilising his skills for a worthy cause. Describing his team as professional, cohesive and caring, David is committed to delivering a consistently high-quality service to every single client he’s done work for.